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Caching POST in iOS6

[Apple is] still clearly violating the spec; the original permission to cache in
2616 was contingent upon there being explicit freshness information
(basically, Expires or Cache-Control: max-age).

This is an interesting read about the new behavior in iOS6. Between this and the AJAX bug, I’m left wondering what was going on with the Mobile Safari team.


Massive XKCD

I love the creativity at play with this XKCD comic. Very cool!


Ordered: Fresh Air

I love the subtitle of this book: “Trading Stale Spiritual Obligation for a Life-Altering, Energizing, Experience-It-Everyday Relationship with God”. I hope it turns out to be as good as the reviews say it is!


Configure object cache user accounts

One of the frustrating things about SharePoint is how things like this are best documented with articles like this one on TechNet. Functionality like this could be quite useful when it comes to tuning a SharePoint farm, but there’s just not a ton of information about how to set it up, much less what it’s actually doing. Also, you have to be very careful about making assumptions of how SharePoint does things. That’s something that I’ve been bitten by more than once.


Why Jimmy Bogard is done with Scrum

This is a very interesting read. I don’t agree completely with his solution, but I’ve certainly seen some of the pain points that he mentions. Definitely a useful exercise to constantly evaluate what you’re doing, even when it’s something that’s quite popular (maybe especially when it’s quite popular).


HttpWatch – Terrific HTTP sniffer

This is yet another tool that makes me wish I had a slush fund for buying software. Much of this functionality can be done within Fiddler or Firebug, but daggumit it’s such a nice experience in HttpWatch. The good news is that there’s a basic version that’s free. The only drawback is that it keeps reminding you what you’re missing by not buying the license, just by showing the links to that functionality.

Maybe one day…


Currently Reading: Running Lean

This is the book that I’m currently reading. I’m really into it so far, and encouraged by how thin it is. 😛


Simple, the bank – Announcing Goals [blog post]

Credit cards can be discouraging. That’s why, in order to inspire and facilitate saving, we wanted to make something encouraging, something effortless and automatic. The tool should do the hard work for you and make saving so fun and easy you can’t help but do it.

Man, I cannot wait to get my invite to Simple!

Remember Ames

This was the single most important game of the regular season last year for Alabama. This choke-job by Oklahoma State is what gave the boys in Crimson their ticket to New Orleans for the BCS National Championship. It also made Iowa State bowl eligible (LOL). What makes it even a little more tasty is how those are Gene Chizik’s recruits playing for Iowa State. We live in such a small world, and God definitely has a sense of humor.


How Apple and Amazon Security Flaws Led to My Epic Hacking

This is a must-read about a worst case scenario run in with a hacker. There are some very valuable lessons in here for protecting yourself online.

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