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YMCA swimming lessons

Yesterday Jane Darby had her first swimming lesson with her mama at the local YMCA. As she’s just under 10 months old, it was not so much a swim lesson as it was a splashing session. However she got a very good report when they got home. She did things like kicking her legs and not crying when her head went under the water.



Day 1

Yesterday, while celebrating a birthday, I spent a lot of time thinking about things that have happened over the last year. Last year was quite awesome, but something that struck me is that most of the good things that I can recall were things that just happened to me, rather than things that I went out and achieved.

As a result, I’m making some goals for the next year of my life. Calling them new year’s resolutions would be completely accurate, but I’m not going to publicize them all at once. I’m just going to start off with one and see where I can go from there.

My first public resolution for this year of my life is to post something to this blog daily. Notice that I said “something”; a simple picture or quote counts. The bottom line is that I am tired of having stale content here.

So here’s Day 1…


Zoo Run Recap

091016 - Birmingham Zoo-357

Last Saturday I ran in the 6th Annual Zoo Run 5k at the Birmingham Zoo. As you may recall, this was my first run in which I had a true time goal. For all of my previous runs I’ve been primarily focused on finishing. I would set little time goals, but they were always secondary to finishing. Another aspect of this particular time goal is that I’m going to do nothing but 5ks until I reach it. At that point I’ll set a new time goal for a 10k, and so on.

So for this race I set a time goal of 25 minutes. My only reason for picking this time was that my previous PR was 27:30, so two and half minutes faster seemed respectable (and 25 is a good “checkpoint” number too). I honestly had no idea how hard or easy it would be since it’s been so long since I’d done a 5k. More…


Accountability kinda smarts

I had something very interesting happen to me today, which reminded me why I have this blog in the first place. As I mention on my About Me page, I tend to use this blog as a means to improve aspects of my life. Sometimes that covers things like professional development, but more times than not it comes down to fitness. More…



I may have been born in Wichita, but my team in tonight’s NIT Championship game is from Alabama. The game between Wichita State and UA will be played in Madison Square Garden and televised on ESPN2 at 6PM Central. Hopefully the Tide will become one of only 3 teams to end the 2010-11 season with a win (the other two being winners of the NCAA and CBI tournaments).

Roll Tide!

New fitness goal – I wanna go fast

Lately I’ve grown way too complacent with my fitness. I haven’t really been on the ball since I did my first marathon in December. I’ve done a couple of races since then, including the Mercedes Half Marathon, but I didn’t commit to training for those races the way I should have. This ends soon.

Last week I added my running PRs to the sidebar of this site. However, I’m not particularly happy with any of the times. I think they are all “okay” (except maybe the marathon time, but that was more about surviving). For my new fitness goal, I just want to improve these times.

Beginning on Monday, I’m going to commit to training for a 5k again. I’ll probably do something like a weekly update on the site for accountability sake. My first goal will be to run a 5k in less than 25 minutes. Depending on how long it takes to reach that goal, I may adjust it before I move on to the 10k.

I really just want to get back to enjoying running for the sake of running, instead of seeing how long I can will my legs to keep moving before I pass out*. I want to finish a race and think to myself, “man, I was really moving!”

Hoping for the best!

*Disclaimer: I’ve never actually passed out during a long run, but there were times where the leg cramps made me wish I would.

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