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A new professional social network for tech pros

I’m really intrigued by this site. It has a terrific design, which immediately puts it ahead of LinkedIn. What’s particularly interesting though are the different ways to become engaged. The $10,000/month prize money for top content is a great example of this. Really looking forward to seeing where this site goes.

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SignalR: Real-time Application Development, a book review

SignalR: Real-time Application DevelopmentI’ve had a lot of interest in SignalR for quite a while now. It has proven to be a great technology for tinkering with in my personal time, though I’ve not been able to do anything of a “real-world” nature with it yet. As a result, I was pretty excited when I was given the opportunity to review this newly released book in exchange for a free e-copy. I’d hoped this would be a great stepping stone in taking my SignalR knowledge to the next level. More…

Configure object cache user accounts

One of the frustrating things about SharePoint is how things like this are best documented with articles like this one on TechNet. Functionality like this could be quite useful when it comes to tuning a SharePoint farm, but there’s just not a ton of information about how to set it up, much less what it’s actually doing. Also, you have to be very careful about making assumptions of how SharePoint does things. That’s something that I’ve been bitten by more than once.

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