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Learning how to develop for SharePoint

Lots of stuff to learn!


Agile whitepapers, etc from 21apps

This looks like a pretty good collection of resources for things pertaining to XP (Agile, TDD, CI, etc). What’s extra nice about this is the focus on these things in light of Sharepoint. I’ll be doing Sharepoint development with my new job, so this could be very useful for me.



This is an interesting website aimed at correcting the misinformation that is shared by Anyone doing web searches for html related content has undoubtedly seen w3schools. The problem is that much of the information is just not accurate.


24 hour free-for-all at Tekpub

In honor of pushing our newest series Mastering C# 4 with Jon Skeet, Tekpub is opening its doors once again for 24 hours for all people to come and check out the groovy content we have.

Rob Conery, from his blog
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