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Posts tagged ‘development’


Tool: ANTS Performance Profiler

Been using this at work lately, and it’s quite awesome. It’s a very fun way to see your code from a different perspective.


Learning how to develop for SharePoint

Lots of stuff to learn!


Book quote from Agile Principles, Patterns, and Practices in C#

A team of average programmers who communicate well are more likely to succeed than is a group of superstars who fail to interact as a team.

Uncle Bob Martin

Hanselman’d – Simplify your VS toolbar

I’m a big fan of personalizing VS to improve the user experience. It’s so easy to get information overload in VS if you aren’t careful.


Clean Coders: Code-casts for Software Professionals

This is a new production by Uncle Bob Martin, author of Clean Code and other books. This website was just launched today and looks pretty promising. The production style is unusual but fun. I’m looking forward to watching more than just the first video. Follow Uncle Bob on twitter, @unclebobmartin.


Reference: Powershell profiles

This is not a page that I use very often, but it’s something that I do reference occasionally. Hopefully putting it here will make it easier for me to locate it, and it may be helpful to someone else out there that hasn’t seen it before.


git-tfs; using Git and TFS together

This is an interesting blog post that talks about how to use git and TFS together.  It’s seems to be a pretty good option for improving local development, while still using TFS for managing the team branches of code. I’m going to give this a shot myself, as we move to TFS at work.


Videos from mvcConf

These are the videos from the virtual conference based on ASP.Net MVC. The conference took place earlier this month, and it sounds like it was a great event. There were definitely a bunch of positive reviews on twitter.


24 hour free-for-all at Tekpub

In honor of pushing our newest series Mastering C# 4 with Jon Skeet, Tekpub is opening its doors once again for 24 hours for all people to come and check out the groovy content we have.

Rob Conery, from his blog

Principal #5

Build projects around motivated individuals. Give them the environment and support they need, and trust them to get the job done.

Principles behind the Agile Manifesto
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