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2012 aspConf – Videos that caught my eye

This is a bundle of videos on Channel 9 that came from the recent virtual ASP.Net conference known as aspConf. Basically these are just some videos that I’m hoping to watch over the next week or two.


Videos from mvcConf

These are the videos from the virtual conference based on ASP.Net MVC. The conference took place earlier this month, and it sounds like it was a great event. There were definitely a bunch of positive reviews on twitter.


Left. Left. Left right ..err join?

Programming LinqOn July 25th and 26th there is an event in Birmingham called LINQ Boot Camp. During this event we will go through “Programming LINQ” chapter by chapter. The event is hosted by the Birmingham Software Developers Association and is completely free to all who attend (though I believe the number of attendees is limited to about 40 people). Anyone that volunteers to present will also receive a free copy of the book. The event will run from about 9 to 5 on both days, and I believe lunch will be provided. More…


I plan on attending CodeStock 2009

CodeStock is about Community. For Developers, by Developers (with love for SysAdmins and DBAs too!). Last year an idea started at CodeStock to mix Open Spaces within a traditional conference. This year we’re going to crank things up to 11 and rip off the knob – and you’re being drafted to help!

  • Keynote by Microsoft RIA Architect Evangelist Josh Holmes
  • From Developer to Business Owner roundtable with guest Nick Bradbury creator of HomeSite, TopStyle, and FeedDemon
  • 50+ break out sessions + Open Spaces (self-organizing sessions)
  • Grand Prize: VSTS 2008 Team Suite with MSDN Premium
  • Virtual sessions with Jeffery Richter and John Robbins

Space is limited so register today at

Update: In light of the fact that I have recently started a new job, I will not be able to come to Friday at Codestock.  However, I’m planning on driving up either Friday night or Saturday morning, so I’ll be there all day Saturday.  I must say I’m pretty excited about it though!

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