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Cool app for txting with businesses

Cool app for txting with businesses

I came across this really cool app last week and was pretty floored. It gives you the ability to send text messages to businesses and receive responses via text. From what I’ve been able to pick up, TextTo has employees that actually call the business and relay your text to them. They then transcribe the response and send it back to you.

This is a nice, unobtrusive way to interact with multiple businesses at the same time. Some practical applications: finding earliest available tee times at nearby golf courses, wait times at local restaurants, closing time request of an establishment.

This service is currently free and I don’t see a way for them to make money currently. They might just be building a user base before worrying about that; seems like a common strategy these days.


How Apple and Amazon Security Flaws Led to My Epic Hacking

This is a must-read about a worst case scenario run in with a hacker. There are some very valuable lessons in here for protecting yourself online.




Don’t call Digg a comeback [call it a startup]

Today, made its grand reappearance after being acquired for pocket change in June. I won’t go into all of the background details, as they’ve been well documented. However, I will say that I’m pulling for Digg to succeed, and will be watching closely as they try to iteratively grow.


Kickstarter for new Code School iOS course

I’ve done a couple of the Code School courses and found them to be really helpful. The quality of the training videos coupled with the in-browser training environment make for a very nice experience. Now they are trying to put together an iOS course and are seeking funding help via Kickstarter. What caught my eye about this is that the $25 pledge level receives the course. The existing courses cost about $50, so this is a very good deal.


2012 aspConf – Videos that caught my eye

This is a bundle of videos on Channel 9 that came from the recent virtual ASP.Net conference known as aspConf. Basically these are just some videos that I’m hoping to watch over the next week or two.


Hanselman’d: Available/busy light for home office

I’m personally not a big fan of working remotely, but I’m always fascinated by how Hanselman pulls it off. If nothing else, it’s fun to read about his remote working exploits.


Find a great short URL with this tool:

This is a very impressive tool, which I used to find the available domain of I’m still trying to decide the best way to utilize this root url, but I’ve currently set it up to forward to this blog. I also set up as a pro custom domain in the short-term. Very cool stuff!


Grim outlook for Apple [1997]

What would I do? I'd shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders.

Michael Dell

Somehow I’d never heard this quote before today. It’s hard to imagine how Apple’s outlook was able to change so much over the course of 15 years. There’s no doubt that it had a whole lot to do with that guy named Steve Jobs!

This little article is an incredibly interesting:
CNET article from 1997


Nike+ Basketball looks very fun

Nike+ Basketball looks very fun

This new product from Nike looks really awesome! I do have some hesitation around how useful it would actually be, but I love the concept. Unfortunately the $250 price tag on the shoes will certainly keep me away from trying it for myself. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on the reviews of the product, just out of curiosity.

Nike+ Basketball

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