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A simple git branching model – Gist


Elon Musk Interview – Esquire

“And when the third Falcon 1 fell into the sea in August 2008 — along with a payload contracted by NASA and the Department of Defense, along with the ashes of the actor who played Scotty on Star Trek — Musk faced disaster.”


The Year We Broke the Internet – Esquire

“For most, however, the photos were just another thoughtlessly processed and soon-forgotten item that represented our now-instinctual response to the unrelenting stream of information we’re subjected to every waking hour: Share first, ask questions later. Better yet: Let someone else ask the questions. Better still: What was the question again?”


Turner Classic Movies: Letterbox

A very informative video about the use of “pan and scan” and the way it can affect a movie. Came across this after reading this article on Gizmodo lamenting the way Netflix uses cropping for the movies they host. It seems this article was spurred by this Tumblr, showcasing some of the agregious examples of Netflix cropping.

For shame.

My must-have software tools

I recently went through the process of setting up a new development environment at work and in the process created this list of tools that I use on a daily basis. I’m sharing the list here as much for my own future reference as anything else.



Tool: ANTS Performance Profiler

Been using this at work lately, and it’s quite awesome. It’s a very fun way to see your code from a different perspective.


Caching POST in iOS6

[Apple is] still clearly violating the spec; the original permission to cache in
2616 was contingent upon there being explicit freshness information
(basically, Expires or Cache-Control: max-age).

This is an interesting read about the new behavior in iOS6. Between this and the AJAX bug, I’m left wondering what was going on with the Mobile Safari team.


Configure object cache user accounts

One of the frustrating things about SharePoint is how things like this are best documented with articles like this one on TechNet. Functionality like this could be quite useful when it comes to tuning a SharePoint farm, but there’s just not a ton of information about how to set it up, much less what it’s actually doing. Also, you have to be very careful about making assumptions of how SharePoint does things. That’s something that I’ve been bitten by more than once.


HttpWatch – Terrific HTTP sniffer

This is yet another tool that makes me wish I had a slush fund for buying software. Much of this functionality can be done within Fiddler or Firebug, but daggumit it’s such a nice experience in HttpWatch. The good news is that there’s a basic version that’s free. The only drawback is that it keeps reminding you what you’re missing by not buying the license, just by showing the links to that functionality.

Maybe one day…


New Khan Academy CS curriculum

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