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Archive for May, 2009


Great fun, great cause

Curry looks annoyedLast Wednesday, Katie surprised me by signing us up for something a little out of the ordinary. She had heard about a cool new establishment called Paint-n-Party that was having a special night where $10 of each $35 fee went to the Greater Birmingham Humane Society’s Skipper Fund (read about it here).  That just leaves $25 to cover the cost of the materials, and did I mention that there was free food and wine?  Needless to say I was very impressed with the cost of the event. More…


Urgent Notice to Rudder Users [email]

The following message showed up in my inbox this afternoon. Because I’ve written about Rudder in the past, I figured that it was best that I also share this email. I think it is very respectable that they were so quick to admit the wrongdoing and show their plans for preventing it from happening again. What do you think?

Today, 732 Rudder users were sent alerts via e-mail, which could have potentially included
information like account balances, transactions and bills of different users. This issue was not
the result of a data breach, but due to a software issue in our program that generates emails. It is
important to know that Rudder has “read only” access to your account balances and transactions
and we do not store account credentials like user names, passwords, or your personal
information like name, address or social security number. More…

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