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3 month update

So January, February, and March are now in the books.  This is just a quick update to let you know where I stand on my various goals.  Hopefully the Conficker worm won’t eat the internet before you have a chance to read this!

Physical resolutions

  1. Run a 5k  I ran the BE5k in January, finishing with a time of 27:33
  2. Run a 10k I have registered for the Dollars for Scholars run on April 24th
  3. Run a half-marathon I have got my eye on the Rock-n-Roll half marathon in Chicago in early August.  We’ll see!
  4. Eat fast food no more than once per week  I’ve made it 3 months without breaking this one!!

Professional resolutions

  1. Attend at least one major conference  I’ve got my eye on a couple
  2. Attend at least two minor conferences See note above
  3. Get involved in BSDA and Bug.Net I’ve been to one meeting of each so far
  4. Read 12 professional development books (technical and nontechnical).  Of course, that’s one per month.  I’m going to finish the last chapter of TDD tonight

Personal resolutions

  1. Find a church home We’ve been going to MBCC pretty regularly and really enjoy it so far!
  2. Read the bible all the way through  I’ve got some ground to make up here
  3. Save up a down payment for a house  We’ve been doing well with this goal
  4. Find a relatively competitive basketball league to join  Not much luck on this front

So all in all, I’m very pleased with my progress so far this year.  After 3 months of pretty regular running and less fast food I’ve also lost 19 lbs.  I’m almost back to the weight that I was when I graduated high school.  I’m looking to lose about 10 or 15 more lbs, which should be very feasible in light of my ever-increasing running load.

I’ve been kicking around some ideas for blog posts, so you might want to keep your eyes out for more frequent updates in the coming weeks.  In the meantime, you should check out this chihuahua on cheeseburgers.

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