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Books to read in 2009

As you may have seen in my New Year’s resolutions post, I am aiming to read 12 professional development books this year.  In this post I’m going to give a list of books that I’m looking at.  This may change throughout the year, but at least I have a starting point now.

1.) Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen

2.) Implementation Patterns by Kent Beck

3.) Code Complete: 2nd Edition by Steve McConnell

4.) Clean Code by Robert C. Martin

5.) Working Effectively With Legacy Code by Michael Feathers

6.) Continuous Integration: Improving Software Quality And Reducing Risk by Paul M. Duvall, Steve Matyas, Andrew Glover

7.) Refactoring to Patterns by Joshua Kerievsky

8.) Release It! Design and deploy production-ready software by Michael T. Nygard

9.) Design Patterns by Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson, John M. Vlissides

10.) Patterns Of Enterprise Application Architecture by Martin Fowler

11.) Test-Driven Development by Kent Beck

12.) The Mythical Man-Month, 20th Anniversary Edition by Frederick P. Brooks

Wild Card Picks:

Making It All Work: Winning at the Game of Work and Business of Life by David Allen

Peopleware: Productive Projects and Teams (Second Edition) by Tom Demarco, Timothy Lister

So that is the tentative list of books that I will be reading in 2009.  They are not necessarily in the order in which I hope to read them, and like I’ve mentioned, the list may change altogether.  Do you have any suggestions for ways to improve this list?  Do you have a list of your own?

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